OCD does not make you weak: my list

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I do not say these things with pride or ego, I promise you. I say them purely to show others that having OCD does not make you a weak person. In fact most people I know wouldn’t even know these things about me.

Here are some random situations (in the UK and Kenya) in no particularly order to hopefully show this:

  • I once got caught up in a spontaneous violent political riot and had to travel to my guesthouse through fire road blocks (on the back of a bike until we crashed and had to walk) with one man coming at me at one point with a machete
  • I have worked with murderers and gang members
  • I once negotiated the release of 2 children being tortured for information by 6 men, in another language, and on my own
  • I came top of my class in business school and achieved a 1st Class honours degree
  • I have spoken in front of 100s of people despite once being laughed at in school for shaking my piece of paper in front of the class whilst giving a talk
  • I have a masters degree in Sustainable Development
  • I once fell asleep to the sound of gunfire and slept like a baby
  • I have 2 beautiful children and I am a good Dad despite thinking I would never deserve this when I was younger
  • I was one of the last to stay with my dying Grandma holding her hand until the end
  • I have helped to rescue a girl from a heroin den and now she is thriving
  • I got married to a beautiful woman, inside and out, despite hating myself in my teens and thinking I didn’t deserve it
  • I once listened to a grieving woman tell me her story about how she had to watch her entire family slaughtered during the Rwandan genocide whilst she hid in a bush
  • I have held a crying 6 year old boy living on the streets (3 hour car journey) following his mother rejecting him when we tried to take him home
  • I once attended a post mortem on a youth that we suspected was killed by the police; and, finally
  • I once sat through the film Vipers starring Tara Reid, the worst film I have ever seen, without turning it off

I had OCD throughout all of these times, mostly severe, and I mean *severe*. I have been brought to my knees with OCD before. I have had to drag myself out the door sometimes. I have felt like I couldn’t go on at times.

You can still achieve and be a strong person with OCD. Do not ever think it makes you a weak person.

One thought on “OCD does not make you weak: my list”

  1. This is extremely inspiring! Living with such an all- consuming illness but still always trying to help others.


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