OCD tips for Covid-19

Cheers for the lockdown mate!

I have already written about the dangers of associating Covid-19 with OCD, and I stand by this. Many with OCD will be affected, many won’t, some only slightly. OCD is certainly not useful for tackling this pandemic.

Personally I am not affected by Covid-19 (OCD wise) apart from when I hear the words “test” or “immunocompromised”. These can remind me of the HIV obsession I once had and still get lapses with sometimes. Thus far I have managed to use therapy tools to keep them at bay.

However, with all the social isolation and newly imposed measures on our lives, whatever obsession(s) people have might be exacerbated by this crisis indirectly.

I have put together this acronym for anyone who might be struggling during this time, contamination obsession or otherwise:

  • C –  compassion, to yourself and others
  • O –  opportunity to test therapy skills
  • V –  vulnerability is okay at this time
  • I –  intelligence is your strength
  • D – don’t increase compulsions
  • 19 – seconds to wash hands to test any handwashing compulsion (if relevant)

Hope it helps 😊

Note: when I talk about intelligence I mean we need to use this not to fuel anxiety and fear but to educate, learn and help others where possible. Too often we use our intelligence to catastrophise and play complex scenarios in our heads.

Another note: the 19 seconds is only 1 second less than the recommended 20. Doing the 20 seconds is fine as long as it isn’t more because that would be going beyond what would be considered normal. Stopping at 19 is a good way to keep your hands clean to a high standard, but also to stick it to the OCD. This is only a suggestion. If it was called Covid-20 it would have made the acronym simpler. Rude.

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