Day 14 Isolation log – ready to take over Gotham tomorrow

OK this was actually a picture taken a couple of months ago when I used the wrong lip balm.

No, I haven’t quite turned into the Joker thankfully, but I’ll certainly be glad to get out of the house tomorrow, even for a short time. Two more weeks I’d probably be calling my wife Harley Quinn.

These 2 weeks have had their highs and lows. It’s been lovely spending more time with the children, although oddly because my wife and I have been working “shift patterns” we’ve probably seen less of each other when working in the same house! But we always make sure to watch a couple of episodes of Modern Family in the evening before bed.

Working from home has been a challenge. I work in social care and we still have vulnerable young people in the community that need help. It’s been a test to lead the team during this time, but we have adapted and pulled together.

In terms of OCD I was worried I might lapse, and despite having had a few moments when I have felt myself being drawn in, I have managed to keep it at bay. It’s strange with me, but when there is a crisis situation I am always calmer than when nothing much is going on. That said, I have needed a lot more naps lately so perhaps the stress has been taking its toll after all.

I have also been quite busy on this site. Apart from the Isolation Logs (Day 1, Day 5 and Day 7) I have also written: Can OCD thoughts come true?, OCD Tips for Covid-19, The wreckage after OCD recovery and Are OCD thoughts always detrimental?

This blog has been enormously helpful for me as an outlet and to get my thoughts down on paper. Some of my posts talk about sensitive areas of OCD. I strongly believe that open and honest dialogue is one of the greatest healers. However, I must admit that sometimes I have felt anxious posting. I can put a lot of pressure on myself to ensure what I write is beneficial, but at the same time honest (but I’ve felt the uncertainty and posted anyway). I am also trying to work on perfectionism and trying not to overthink, overanalyse or spend too much time writing. That said some posts take a lot longer than others.

My audience remains modest for now. Of course I hope the site can grow, but that isn’t my main aim. I just want to be a voice for anyone who might need it. In any small way I can.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blog so far. I always welcome suggestions and constructive criticism. I am on Twitter @OCDphilosophy. Please feel free to DM me any time.


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